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Tourist Visa Services

( Please note that the tourists visa has been blocked by the Saudi government since May 2010  . If you are outside Saudi Arabia you need to arrange your own visa otherwise you can not join any of our tours .) 

As Jawlah Tours Company is one of the few companies licencd to arrange tourists visas to all tourists who are intersted to visit Saudi Arabia for tourism purposes . kinldy note the following :

1.Issuing Tourism Visas shall be restricted to entities licensed by the SCTAfor receiving, accommodating, transporting, serving, and supervising the stay

and departure of international tourists. These tourists must arrive in groups,with a minimum of four (4) members in each group.

2.Tourism Visas shall be issued for official passports that allow their carriersto go back to their countries, and travel to other countries. The length of stayfor Tourism Visas shall not exceed sixty (60) days.

3.The arrival and stay of tourists in the Kingdom shall be upon contractssigned between the travel agents abroad and the licensed entities. Thecontracts shall enclose constructive tourism programs based on media andprocedural regulations adopted in the home country, and shall state thecoordinated responsibility.

4.Licensed entities shall provide official tour guides licensed by the SCTA inthe Kingdom.

5.Issuing Tourism Visas shall be subject to the security regulations adoptedin the issuance of other visas.

6.Women applying for tourism visas must be thirty (30) years old or above,and younger women shall be accompanied by a Mahram (a male relative).

7.Tourism visas are issued for the nationals of the following countries:European countries, North American countries, South American countries,Japan, People’s Republic of China, Republic of China, Singapore, Malaysia,Brunei, Australia, South Korea and South Africa. For purposes of tourism,complete information shall be provided, including the name of applicant inEnglish, nationality, age and occupation.

8.Direct coordination shall be made between the SCTA and other relatedentities for the exchange of information regarding the applicants.

9.Tourism Visa applications of tourists from the above mentioned countrieswho are not living in their original countries shall receive the sametreatment. This means that they should be arriving in groups, and shall begranted visas issued by the official entities licensed by the SCTA. TheirTourism Visas shall be issued through the SCTA.

10.Hajj and Umrah shall not be associated with tourism in relation to thepromotion and marketing of national tourism, provided that both Hajj/Umrah& tourism activities are coordinated through approved mechanisms andprocedures by the Umrah companies and tour operators.

11.Tourism programs and tours shall not include visiting areas that arerestricted to Muslims such as Makkah and Madinah.

12.Tourists, as all other expatriates, shall abide by the rules and regulationsof the Iqama System especially with respect to not leaving the Kingdomupon expiration of their visa. Penalties based on the Iqama System shall beimposed upon those sheltering, assisting, transporting or employing Iqamaviolators.

13.In exceptional circumstances requiring visa extension, the visa may beextended based on the request submitted by the visa holder.

14.Inbound tourists shall respect the local traditions, customs and Islamicvalues.

15.In the case of any tourist reported to be missing, the local serviceprovider shall notify the police and General Department of Passports (GDP)immediately (within 24 hours maximum). The SCTA shall be provided with ahard or soft copy of the report on the missing tourist.

16.Tourists shall be provided with brochures and informative publicationsissued by the SCTA including the rules and regulations to be adopted andfollowed in the Kingdom.

For further information, please visit the SCTA’s official website:


Tour Guidance

We at Jawlah have considered the vast number of tourists all over the world who are interested to visit Saudi Arabia. For that , we were very selective in providing skillful tour guides who are native speakers of more than one language. Most of our tour guides are fluent in Arabic as well as English. Our tour guides also in an excellent level of historical and culture background with interesting presentation skills that assures the full satisfaction of all visitors.

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